A Little Flu and Croup Going Around

What's Going Around
Sick Kid

It’s flu season, and doctors along the Gulf Coast are starting to see their first flu patients of the year.

Gulf Shores Pediatrics saw their first case of the flu this week. Dr. Kathleen Lovlie says she treated one patient with the flu. She’s also seeing several cases of strep throat and the stomach bug.

They’re seeing something a little unusual at Millry Pediatric Clinic. Several children are coming in with staff infections. Leah Singleton says it’s odd to see it this time of year. Usually they see staff in the summer months. It’s treated with antibiotics. She and Jennifer McNease are also seeing some cases of croup.

Dr. Ralph Neal in Grove Hill has just seen one positive flu case this week, but is seeing a lot of stomach bugs. He says seasonal allergies are also bothering a lot of children.

Dr. Elliot at Premier Medical in Mobile agrees and says allergies are a big problem for kids right now. There’s also a nasty upper respiratory infection going around that is leaving kids with a cough for about four weeks.

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