Anglers Aren’t the Only Ones Enjoying Newly Opened Pier

Bull Shark
Not only anglers were happy to see the Gulf State Park Pier re-open Friday.

Half a dozen sharks churn the water beneath Gulf State Park Pier for an easy meal.

“We saw 1, 2, then all of a sudden 3,4,5.” A native of Illinois, Diane Kennedy had never seen anything like it. “It’s impressive to see ’em all going at the same time.”

Not so much if you’re trying to catch dinner. Richard Andrews finally had a big ‘red’ on the line, but he wasn’t only fighting the fish but the sharks too.

“A shark just got my big fish,” says Andrews as his line gets lighter. “The shark takes half of it with him and I get the other half.”

It’s all part of fishing on the pier according to Andrews. “There’s always been sharks out here. Ever since we were kids. The sharks are no big thing. They got to live too. They’re all part of God’s creation.”

After a full day of fishing, Andrews left the pier with half a fish in his cooler and a great story to tell over dinner.

The pier opened for the first time Friday after being closed to repair damage from this week’s storm.

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