Airbus Will Now Build Even More A320’s

Airbus announced today it will ramp up production of it’s A320 aircraft, the model being built in Mobile, by 2019.  Company officials say they will go from building 42 planes per month to 60 planes per month by mid-2019.

There is a simple reason why the Toulouse, France based manufacturer needs to build more airplanes—a backorder of more than 5500.  Company officials say that’s a volume of ten years worth of production.

The impact on the decision on the newest, and first Airbus final assembly line in the United States here in Mobile will be minimal for now.  Mobile Airbus officials say they are still on track to reach a goal of building four airplanes per month through 2017.  After that, city officials like Mayor Sandy Stimpson says it stands to reason that if market forces persist in favor of the single aisle A320, Mobile’s assembly line could be tasked to build more planes, too.

For now Airbus says it will create another assembly line at its facility in Hamburg, Germany–where parts are nearby and so are already trained workers who can accomplish the task.

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