Alabama’s Top Republican Thrilled with Presidential Interest

The head of the Republican Party in Alabama is thrilled with the interest being shown in the presidential race.

“When you have record breaking debates and people watching, 25 million people watching, that’s never been done before,” said Terry Lathan.  “That’s not an accident.”

Lathan looks forward to tomorrow’s presidential debate in Colorado and predicts another big audience, even though the general election is still more than a year away.

“I think what people are saying to us is we really want our nation to go a different way and, therefore, we need to be engaged faster and learn about all of our candidates,” she said.

A new CBS/New York Times Poll out Tuesday shows Ben Carson has jumped up a few points and now leads Donald Trump, 26-percent to 22-percent nationwide.

Carson climbed to the top with the help of evangelicals – where he has a 22 point lead over Trump, and a nine point spread with Tea Party members.

Still the poll also shows that 80-percent of Carson supporters say they could change their minds.

Lathan is not surprised by that, but says voters will begin committing soon with four months to go now until the Alabama primary.

“We’re going to watch that movability (sic) get tighter and tighter and tighter over the next four months. They’re looking. They’re trying to educate themselves. The electorate seems very engaged, especially when you have so many Republican candidates out there, there’s a lot to choose from.”

14 candidates in all at this point! Ten will be in the debate tomorrow.

The four candidates polling less than three percent will participate in a separate debate before the main event tomorrow. They are Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, and Lindsay Graham.

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