Gun Hoarder Found with Thousands of Weapons

PAGELAND, S.C. — Authorities say they have seized thousands of guns from a house and warehouse in South Carolina.

Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks tells CBS affiliate WBTV that deputies seized more than 7,000 guns from the property near Pageland, and that he believes the vast majority were stolen. The guns filled up a tractor-trailer.

Brooks told the station that the guns and ammunition filled multiple tractor trailers.

“None of us have ever seen anything anywhere close to this,” Brooks said.

Brent Nicholson was arrested in connection to the stolen goods, the station reported.

Brent Nicholson
Brent Nicholson

Authorities say four-wheel vehicles, chainsaws and other items found on the property also were believed stolen.

The weapons were discovered Friday when authorities brought a subpoena to the house. Authorities say a man living there had been arrested previously on drug charges in North Carolina and faces charges related to stolen property.

The sheriff said the suspect appears to have been hoarding the guns, most of which were hunting rifles or shotguns, and there’s no evidence he sold any.

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