Giant Waves at Gulf State Park Pier

Gulf State Park Pier
Massive waves crash into Gulf State Park Pier as storm system moves ashore.

It’s the sound that gets your attention first, the roar of wind pushing massive waves toward shore.

10 to 12-foot giants, rolling in and then crashing into Gulf State Park Pier before pushing their way almost to the dune line.

“The waves are really coming in and there is a really good current under there,” says Bernadette Morrall from Gulf Shores, “so you have to watch out.”

The curious and those who want to capture the moment can’t stay away. “The waves are way up to the bottom of the pier.”

The pier rises 15 to 20 feet above the surface on a normal day.

“We just came to see the waves and all the action and drama that goes along with,” says David Neal. “It’s beautiful.”

This is anything but normal.

“We came to go fishing,” says Dave Horne visiting from South Carolina, “but the fishing is a little bad right now.”

The pier lost of few deck panels in the process. As soon as the weather clears there will be a safety inspection before reopening the pier to the public.

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