MPD Reviewing Body Camera Policies

About 300 body cameras have been issued to Mobile Police Officers. But there are still some questions about what they record. One of the biggest concerns is how these cameras record personal information and who gets access.

The cameras start rolling when police officers activate their lights, use their taser, or manually turn on the switch. At the end of each day, that video is uploaded to a server. Currently, Police Chief James Barber says only supervisors have access. The recordings are treated similarly to other evidence collected during an investigation.

“All of it is considered officer work product at this point. It is considered evidence in a case, as well. At some point, it will be released, when we do go to court, and that evidence is played in court. It makes it releasable at that point, is my understanding,” said Barber.

The Chief also tells us he is still working with the State Attorney General’s office to develop new policies to keep up with this technology. So far the cameras and its maintenance has cost the Mobile Police Department nearly $2 million.

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