Homeowner Confronts Burglary Suspect

A family in Semmes is hoping a picture will help lead to an arrest of whoever burglarized their home.

The incident happened Monday morning on Seibert Road.

Thomas Browning says he came home and found an unfamiliar car parked under his carport. He took the picture of the car and sent it to his wife.

“I took a photo of their license plate number before I went in and I sent that to Mandy in case I went inside and there was an altercation or something she would have that license plate number,” said Browning.

He didn’t find the burglar inside the home but ended up confronting him outside. He never saw him in the house and says at the time wasn’t sure if he had actually broken-in.

“He was very well dressed, probably 25, black male, well-groomed beard, looked like he had maybe walked out of a day at work at the office or something,” said Browning.

It wasn’t until later that night that Browning and his wife discovered jewelry had actually been stolen.

“Because this is your home and you don’t want to imagine that anyone would violate your home or take your stuff,” said Amanda Browning.

If you recognize the car or license plate you’re asked to call the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

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