Draft Kings and Fan Duel Skirting Alabama Law?

In Alabama there are few places where gambling is legal. It’s been hard for Governor Robert Bentley to even consider a lottery. However, daily fantasy sports websites, like Draft Kings and Fan Duel, are currently allowing plenty of fans to enter contests with large pay outs.

These websites operate in a gray area. They contend picking players for a fantasy team is a skill. For now, it’s legal and completely unregulated. But just this week the FBI announced it’s launching an investigation into insider betting. Meanwhile, the state of Nevada has temporarily ordered both sites shut down amid the controversy.

“They pick their teams and wait to see if their teams have won or lost and so it’s definitely using the word I bet. And as soon as you use that word and as soon as you’ve used that word, then you’ve gambled,” said Roger Olsen with the Alabama Council on Compulsive Gambling.

Olsen says sites like Fan Duel and Draft Kings could enable some to develop a gambling addiction. Pending the investigations, the sites could even end up going away.  But reactions from some of you aren’t quite as definitive.

“I think the house has a distinct advantage and everybody who goes in there thinking it’s a game of chance, it’s really not a game of chance,” said Michael Linder from Mobile.

“If you’re not going to allow poker, I don’t see who you can allow this,” said Kenny Milton, Mobile.

“I think it’s a good idea, from what I heard it’s not easy to win money on it and everything,” said Brandon Donoghue, Mobile.”

We reached out to the State Attorney General Luther Strange about whether this was legal. His office told us they have received questions, but at this time they had no comment. For anyone who believes that they have gambling problem, you can click here for more information on getting help.

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