Sessions says Obama’s handling of troops in Afghanistan almost “malpractice”

President Obama announced on Thursday that he was halting the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. According to the President, thousands of military forces will remain in the country “through most of next year.”

This is a reversal from his previous campaign promise to have nearly all of the American forces out of Afghanistan during his time in office.

We spoke with U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions who slammed Obama’s original plan of withdrawing troops, calling it military “malpractice.” Sessions says that he never believed that this plan would be successful. Taliban forces have already grown in the area and according to the United Nations they are more present in the country now than they were when the United States drove them out in 2001.

The Senator says that we have invested too much in Afghanistan to turn back now. He firmly believes that the original mission of the United States in Afghanistan should be seen through to completion. If it’s not, he says, the outcome will be grim for Afghanis. The Taliban, he believes, have been sitting back, waiting for U.S. forces to be out of the region.

9,800 troops will remain in the country working to carry out two primary missions– a counter-terrorism mission alongside a training, advising and assisting mission for Afghan forces.

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