Prescription Assistance Program for Alabama Patients

prescription bottles

MONTGOMERY – Patients who need help with the cost of prescription medications can now get a free prescription assistance card made available by the state’s largest association of physicians.

The Medical Association of the State of Alabama announced plans yesterday to distribute the Alabama Rx Card, a discount drug card free to Alabama residents. The discount card generates savings of up to 75 percent on prescription drugs at hundreds of participating pharmacies statewide.

The discount card helps uninsured and under-insured residents afford prescription medications, which has already saved Alabama residents more than $25 million since inception.

“Alabama’s physicians are committed to our patients’ health and well-being, so helping patients get the medications they need is a priority. Patients can’t get well if they can’t get their prescriptions,” said Medical Association President Buddy Smith Jr., M.D., of Lineville.

The Alabama Rx Card discounts will benefit patients whose health insurance coverage does not include prescription benefits, which is common in many health savings accounts and high deductible health plans. Those who do have prescription coverage with their health insurance can use this program to get discounts on medications that are not covered by their insurance plan. Patients will have the ability to go to the Alabama Rx Card website to see prices for their particular prescriptions and determine the level of discount they might receive.

All Alabamians are eligible regardless of their current prescription coverage benefits.

Alabama residents can print a free card, search drug pricing, and locate participating pharmacies at,, or

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