Fabulous Fall Flowers

Azaleas and hydrangeas are in bloom…is it spring yet?  Nope.  Gardening expert Bill Finch says the more we learn about fall on the Gulf Coast, the more we discover that there are some great fall re-bloomers.

Fuji Waterfall hydrangeas are one of Bill’s favorites.  It’s white when it blooms in spring, but adds blue and pink hues when it re-blooms in fall.  And is there a better fall color than the intense red of Satsuki azaleas?  The official name is Coronado Red.

So where do you find these fine fall flowers?  The Mobile Botanical Gardens will hold a plant sale next Friday and Saturday—October 23 and 24—at the Garden’s Marketplace off Museum Drive in Mobile.  They’ll have fall re-bloomers along with some fabulous spring-only azaleas from the new Aromi collection.  And Camelias.  And fall vegetables.  And herbs.

These plants have been selected because they do really well on the Gulf Coast.  And when you purchase plants from the Botanical Gardens, you also can get expert advice on planting and maintaining them.  Oh, and you’re helping a great cause in the Mobile Botanical Gardens.

Bill says fall is the best time to plant bushes like azaleas.  Just put them in the ground and water them a few times.  Then winter takes over and the plants don’t need much water.  It’s the best time to get plants established here.

Learn more about the plant sale at mobilebotanicalgardens.org, and learn more about Gulf Coast gardening in general through Bill’s radio show Sunday mornings on 106.5FM or by emailing plaingardening@yahoo.com.

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