Getting Ready For Busy Food Assistance Season


Karen McVay is one of several volunteers working on a Sunday morning–getting things organized at the Prodisee Pantry in Baldwin County. This is a job generating something more people need–food assistance.

“Hunger is an invisible issue, you can’t look at someone and tell they are hungry,” said Prodisee Director Deann Servos. We’re still a month or so away from the holiday season but this is when they start to see increased demand here at the Prodisee Pantry and other non-profit services.

“We get closer to the holidays there’s more need,” said Volunteer Karen McVay. According to Feeding America, Baldwin County has the fifth highest number of food insecure children in the state. Prodisee Pantry executive director Deann Servos says this past September they helped more families than usual–families that have likely exhausted rainy day funds.

“Starting with the hurricanes the oil spills the recession and back to school time is expensive for families,” said Servos. Overall, Baldwin families are doing better than the state average when it comes to food security–but there’s still a need. In about two weeks the Prodisee Pantry will hold its annual Turkey Trot to raise money for families in need.

“We’re committed to making sure our Baldwin County families have fresh produce meats and healthy food items healthy food, equal healthy bodies which equal healthy communities,” said Servos.

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