Free Student-Run Clinic Helps Homeless

15 Place
15 Place houses homeless people in Mobile.

Some medical students in Mobile are using their training to help out the homeless community.

15 Place is a housing unit for people who don’t have a place to live. Inside 15 place, is a free medical clinic. It’s run by the students at the University of South Alabama. Because they are not certified and haven’t graduated yet, they cannot provide medication. Their main focus is to talk to patients about their symptoms, guide them to their next step and provide preventative care. Students say it’s a good way for them to continue their training as well.

“It’s part of an interdisciplinary team, so us being able to work hand in hand with med students, PA’s, it’s good for us now to get that experience so we’ll know what to expect with the disciplines in the future,” says Anthony Todd who is a second year pharmacy student.

Because this is a free clinic, students are always taking donations. They are always in need of hand sanitizer, q-tips, cotton balls and even hygeine products like shampoo and soap, so the patients can take a shower when they visit.

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