Specialty Boat Tags May Help Alabama Parks

Every boat on the water in Alabama needs a sticker like this. Before the closure of five state parks was announced, State Rep Margie Wilcox and State Senator Gerald Dial introduced a plan to create a specialty boat sticker to help fund parks.

“We were hoping they could see there’s light at the end of the tunnel that there’s funding coming,” said Wilcox. Right now there are at least 44 different specialty tags you can get for your car–the extra money paid goes to the cause of your choice. For boats it would be an extra 50 dollars when you register–20 bucks goes to state parks and then 30 to whatever cause your sticker supports. Some people say they’d be willing to shell out a few extra dollars.

“A little bit, they need to be better managed,” said former boat owner Larry Huff. “I don’t approve of what’s going on right now. Anything to raise money would help.”

“By a long margin state parks were the phone calls we got the phone calls the letters when the governor talked about closing state parks our phones were ringing off the hooks,” said Wilcox. The new specialty boat stickers would be voluntary and would be available if their proposed legislation passes.

“I think that once there’s funding and the department of conservation sees there’s funding it’s our greatest hope they’ll open those back up,” said Wilcox.

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