Tragedy on the Tensaw: 54-Year-Old Dies in Fire



-The fire victim’s wife has been identified as Angela Waltman. Waltman is in ICU at North Baldwin Infirmary, but neighbors say she’ll be okay.

-The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but officials say smoking or cooking could have started the fire.

-Waltman escaped the fire with only her nightgown. She lost everything in the fire.


PLEASE CONTACT DEBBIE BLACKMAN AT (504) 237-7171 if you can help.

A fire at a mobile home community off Cliff’s Landing Road on the Tensaw River in North Baldwin County claimed the life of a 54-year-old and his three pets Saturday night.

Fire investigators say they found Jerry Sprinkle’s body in his recliner.  However, Sprinkle’s disabled wife was able to crawl out of the burning mobile home.

News 5’s Pat Peterson is busy working on this story for our 5pm and 6pm broadcasts. We’ll have more details then.

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