Flu vaccine expected to be more effective this year

The influenza hit hard last year due to a Type A flu strain that mutated itself and left flu vaccines virtually ineffective against the viral infection. Vaccines only had a 13% success rate at warding off sickness, last year.

The CDC said on their website that “this seasons vaccines have been updated to better match circulating viruses.”

Despite last years failed vaccine doctors are still urging patients to get their annual immunization. Doctor Darren Waters says that last years vaccine has nothing to do with the new vaccine. He says that this year the vaccines could very well be effective at protecting the community from flu outbreaks.

If you’re not a fan of shots there are other ways you can be immunized. You can receive a traditional flu shot, there is a nasal spray called FluMist, or  you can get an Intradermal shot which is administered with a much smaller needle.

The CDC recommends that anyone over the age of 6-months old get a flu shot. It takes two weeks after you receive your immunization for you to be fully protected. They say the earlier you get your vaccine the better because once the flu outbreak starts there is no way to protect yourself from infection.

You can get influenza vaccinations at several locations. For a full list visit of the locations nearest you visit the CDC website.

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