31 Vehicles Hit by BB Gun

MPD says multiple cars were shot at in midtown Mobile.
MPD says multiple cars were shot at in midtown Mobile.

This Sunday there was something far more menacing than some of the Halloween décor in Midtown Mobile. Someone was out to destroy property.

“About 4 o’clock in the morning I sat straight up in bed I guess there was a loud noise,” said a woman who didn’t want to be identified near Glenwood Street. She says an hour later Mobile Police came banging on her door.

“The back window was completely bashed in with like a hard object,” said the victim.

Her car is on its way to get repairs, but some of the shattered glass is still on the ground.

“Between us here and Old Government I counted 9 cars,” said Khaki Henenkrat, another victim in Midtown. Other neighbors woke up to see similar damage. In all, Mobile Police say 31 cars were shot.

“We actually recovered a projectile from the scene and the way the window was shattering on the different vehicles, we concluded that it was a BB gun,” said Officer Terence Perkins, Mobile Police Department. Police think whoever did this may have used a car to get around because of the number of vehicles hit, and because it happened across this neighborhood. At least 10 different streets had reports of damage in Midtown. They include Fulton, Glenwood, Old Government, and even along Montauk Ave. The damage adds up to thousands of dollars.

“I don’t know it was teenagers but it doesn’t seem like something a grown up adult would do… I think it was some angry kids,” said a victim whose car was bashed in.

Police have yet to get a description on a suspect, or suspects. They are working on recovering video from home security cameras. Now many residents say they’re moving their cars away from the streets, and they hope if the person, or group of people responsible are caught, they’re punished to the fullest extent of the law.

“To shoot into vehicles? You don’t know if they’re occupied or not,” said Henankrat.

Police tell us whoever might be suspected of committing these crimes could face 1st and 3rd degree Criminal Mischief. The 1st charge is a felony. That could come with fines and jail time. We’ll check in with police tomorrow.


It was a busy weekend for police in Mobile. Officers responded to approximately 31 reports of Criminal Mischief 3rd Complaints in Midtown.  The incident appears to have occurred in the early morning hours of October 4.

The vehicles appear to have been damaged by a BB Gun as some of the victim’s windows did not shatter until they shut their door or hit a bump driving.

The incidents occurred on Bienville Avenue, Margaret, Crenshaw, S. Fulton, Kenan, S. Georgia, Old Government, Montawk, Clearmont and Glenwood.

Damage to the vehicles was under $500 in each incident.

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