1065: Salvaging a Weekend

The barricades are gone and the stage just has a footprint left–as we try to measure the footprint of 1065.

“Which is pretty good being that it was you know only marketed for about 7 – 10 days for the 1065 music festival,” said Hampton Inn Downtown Sales Manager Kelsey Sunderman. She added they normally have 300 rooms booked for Bayfest. All were cancelled but recouped more than a third with this music festival.

“Our budgets were counting on it so pretty much anything what we lost from Bayfest would be a good thing for us,” said Sunderman. Other hotel managers I spoke with didn’t want to talk on camera but they argue there was no way 1065 was going to replace Bayfest. Bayfest cancelled too quickly and this music festival put together too quickly for it to be promoted properly. One manager I spoke with said they experienced a 35% drop in business compared to Bayfest last. They were also optimistic that maybe someday with enough time and preparation 1065 could fill the Bayfest void. City Spokesman George Talbot says overall it was good weekend.

“This was never intended to replace Bayfest we were trying to salvage the weekend see what we could do and we saw incredible support of people coming together,” said Talbot. As the barricades are put away–city officials say 1065 may be back as a seasonal concert series.

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