A NASCAR Crash and More On Sid Phillips In Around the Web


We were talking about a couple of things this morning. First a scary crash at a NASCAR truck race in Las Vegas Saturday night. The driver tweeted early this morning thanking people for their thoughts and prayers.

Also there was so much I wanted to cover from Dr. Phillips funeral I couldn’t squeeze it all into the story I put together Saturday. I was able to put together a few more stories of Phillips this morning. It was a honor to be there and he leaves a legacy that will be hard for anyone to match.

Here are just a few quotes from people:


Clay Hester

Retired Navy Lt. Cmdr.

“What really strikes me about Dr. Sid is people should think about what kind of life they were leading at 17 and realize at 17 he was a PFC fighting the Japanese, and he lived a great life of service what a great guy, went on to become a medical doctor.”


Glenn Frazier

WWII Veteran

“Well it’s a very sad day, but Sid was surrounded by family and had them laughing until the very end and he was going to be with his wife in heaven.”


Tim Wolfe


“Every life that come across his path was touched and he had these words, always try to improve, he was just a wonderful man.”


Nick Matranga

License Commissioner

“It’s obviously a testimony to his life and the good man he was even the Marines that never knew him, they’ll come out of the woodwork to salute another Marine and that makes me very proud.”

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