1065 Festival Makes A Lot of “Cents” in Downtown Mobile

The last night of the 1065 Festival wrapped up a lot like the first two nights with fairly large crowds.  And for many who came out it was a success.

“It’s just good to see having someone popular coming to Mobile, and it being offered to us for free,” said Katherine Highland, Mobile.

“And this is the kind of event builds community,” said Joycelyn Finley-Hervey, Mobile.

We know most people like free – but the idea was to get people downtown. We asked local businesses along the route if that really worked. “Compared to Bayfest we’ve had much more walk-in traffic this year than we’ve had in years past,” said Clint Wright, Wintzell’s Oyster House Chef.

The official count of people who came out to the festival will come out later – but some business owners say it was much busier than a regular weekend this time of year.

“I don’t know what numbers, it’s definitely not the same size crowd that Bayfest brings in I will say it’s a different kind of crowd I think most people here are real supportive of the event,” said Carlos Serrano, Pita Pit Owner.

And one of the things police say they liked about this event is the distance between the two stages, it keeps people circulating. “Even on a normal weekend we wouldn’t have seen numbers this low,” said Lt. Bill Rowland, Mobile Police Department. There were only about a handful of arrests. From a public safety stand point their operation was pretty much a success. Mayor Sandy Stimpson says he could see more events like this.

“Probably the amount that was spent here was considerably less than what you had at Bayfest,” said Mayor Stimpson.

Luke Peavy with the Jake Peavy Foundation, a charity that helped to sponsor and organize the event say he’s encouraged by what he’s heard.

“I know with feedback that we’ve gotten back from the bands that came and played everybody has been extremely happy and everything just went crazy smooth and it’s just been a very big success,” said Peavy.

Peavy estimates around 20,000 people came out the first two nights.  As to whether he’ll consider helping to bring back 1065, he tells us he’ll have to review everything and make a decision at much later date.  We’ll continue to follow this story and have more on whether it does come back.

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