What’s Working: Ransom Ministries Offers Job Training

A local ministry for the homeless has expanded, and is now offering help finding a job. Ransom Ministries has started a program called “Ransom ReProgram. The ReProgram is an eight-week training course, where participants receive information on job interviews, resume writing, conflict resolution, as well as spiritual guidance. They are also paired with a mentor.

Many of the people News 5 spoke with are recovering drug addicts, or convicted felons. They were eager to get back in the workforce. Hillary Yates has been clean for three years. She is employed, but is looking for a career change. She says it’s a challenge with a criminal record. “Everyone deserves a second chance. I have made my mistakes and I have grown from them.” Yates is learning computer skills in the ReProgram.

Molly Broders is the Director of the Ransom ReProgram. She says the participants take classes two mornings a week, and work in the wood workshop, or cafe three mornings. Many are learning wood-working and refinishing furniture. Broders says this session is about to wrap up. A new session will start October 29th. “We really are looking for individuals who are looking for that second chance and need a support network and need to come around and find that second chance. They have to be in a place in their life to commit and learn and take that next step in the future.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Ransom ReProgram, call (251)554-6777.

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