Seed to Table Garden

In past episodes of Plain Gardening, Bill Finch introduced us to the Seed to Table Garden in downtown Mobile’s Renaissance Place.  We watched him plant watermelon, okra, and a lot more…then watched those plants grow .

Now we’re at the table end of Seed to Table:  The Noble South.  Bill says this popular Dauphin Street restaurant knows exactly how to make the most of beautiful local produce.

Chef Chris Rainosek is whipping up some fabulous okra dishes while Seed to Table’s garden harvest is still happening.  He says sourcing locally means a fresher product that goes through fewer hands.  It takes much less time to get the few blocks from the garden to the restaurant.  He adds that buying local helps the economy, too.  Oh, and the variety of vegetables—including several varieties of okra—helps spark creativity in the kitchen.

In this case, Chris concocted a raw okra salad with watercress and Alabama red okra, a classic fried okra, and a stewed tomato and okra dish.  All were terrific and super fresh!  Bill says the Seed to Table garden may have more opportunities to share the good earth in the near future.

If you want to grow your own fresh fall vegetables, the Mobile Botanical Gardens is selling some great broccoli, kale, and more.  Go to to order, and you can feed yourself this fall and winter!  While you’re waiting for them to grow, you can get the freshest vegetables in town cooked with finesse at The Noble South.

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