Grooving at the First Night of Ten Sixty Five

Ask anyone bobbing their head to George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic Friday night, and they’ll tell you the first day of Ten Sixty Five was rocking!

The free music festival, which was orchestrated in about 10 days when Bayfest suddenly announced they were canceling, kicked off at 6 p.m. to a much smaller crowd.  When Ryan Balthrop & Friends first took the stage there were a few fans in fold up chairs, but once the sun went down, the downtown streets filled up.

“it really filled in! We were worried about it at first, but people came out!,” Moe’s manager Grant Saltz exclaimed. He said the free music festival was a big boost to local businesses downtown. “Bayfest was good while it lasted. It had its ups and downs. The great thing about this is there are no concessions all the beer and food is being purchased at local businesses”

While the crowds were much smaller than Bayfest, it was packed with Mobilians who said they were just grateful for something free to do on a Friday night.




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