Ten Sixty Five Brings In Western Edge of Downtown

The Ten Sixty Five music festival will have a different footprint than its predecessor, BayFest.

Businesses in one often-overlooked area of downtown are excited.

The upper end of Dauphin Street downtown has seen revival of sorts in recent years.

New places to live and restaurants have added energy to a once slow and somewhat forgotten area.

“It’s just been a more popular spot to be in,” said Shannon Walker who owns three restaurants and bars in the area: Liquid, Union, and The Bicycle Shop. “It’s just boomed more. It’s been nice.”

And now the area is being incorporated into the new 10-65 music festival this weekend.

One of two 10-65 stages will be set up in Springhill Avenue between the Fire Station and Moe’s Original BBQ – just off Dauphin Street and Washington Avenue.

“I think it’s awesome,” said Moe’s owner Brian Birdsong. “It’s going to be great for all of us.”

Bayfest focused on lower Dauphin Street and the main part of downtown.

“It was a great thing for downtown but it wasn’t necessarily a good thing for our end of the street,” said Walker.

Now, however, businesses on the western end of the Dauphin Street are looking forward to being one center of attention at Ten Sixty Five. The other 10-65 stage will be at Cathedral Square.

The seven-block stretch of Dauphin Street between the stages will be closed off to cars.

Walkers will be able to shop, get some food, or some drinks, and take their beverages if they are in plastic cups.

Restaurant and bar owners look forward to a free event, with no gated off area, and an earlier start.

“I think this gives everyone an option,’ said Walker. “They can choose what they’re going to buy as far as food goes, and alcohol, and non-alcoholic beverages. I think it will be super nice to roam around without the gates.”

“We’re thinking that this year people will have a opportunity this year to mingle afterwards and stay downtown since its ending at ten – it’s not ending do late so people will have the freedom to go out,” said Birdsong.

Go out, and this year, enjoy both ends of downtown


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