How Well Did Litter Trap Really Hold Up?

litter trap

Travis Rayner lives on Dog River.

Two weeks ago, he organized a litter cleanup.

“There was no litter, it was spotless out here,” says Rayner.

Then came heavy rains Sunday night and our new litter trap at Eslava Creek was put to the test.

“It was still a steady flow of litter going past our house. But not nearly as much litter as we used to have with a rain like that,” says Rayner.

Monday there were several floating islands of debris like this one. But there is still so much trash moving down the river.

There are seven other main tributaries that feed into the Dog River other than Eslava Creek. So while this trap catches a fair amount of litter, it still doesn’t catch everything.

“But every piece that it does catch is one piece of litter less that’s on the river and it’s doing an admirable job,” says Rayner.

Rayner has spent hours with the men who built this trap, even suggesting changes, which they made.

“They have conveyed to me that they have made a commitment to themselves and to the city of Mobile and to Dog River Clearwater Revival that they’re going to do whatever they have to do to make this be the best that it can be.”

While he says we’re on the right path, the area’s heavy vegetation, and our sudden heavy rainfalls after days of dry weather can still pose a problem.

Operation Clean Sweep will be held Saturday from 7am to 1:30pm at the Mobile County Dirt Pit located at 1113 Hubert Pierce Road.

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