A Wet End to September, 2015

Rainfall Map
Rainfall Map Ending September for News 5 Area.

In the News 5 area, some of us ended the month with more rain than what we would expect in two months. Here are numbers compiled by the Mobile office of the National Weather Service for the rains that fell between September 27th and September 29th. On the 27th alone, Mobile’s Regional airport set a record for the amount of rain on that date, at 7.5″

Typical rain for an entire month of September between Mobile and Pensacola is around 5″

Grand Bay 7.60″
Mobile Airport 7.79″
Springhill 9.33″
Brookley Field 3.36″
Huntleigh Woods 9.63″
Magnolia Grove Golf Course 7.82″
Near Gulf Breeze Zoo 10.57″
Pensacola Regional Airport 5.39″
Garcon Point 14.84″
NAS Pensacola 6.44″
Navarre 8.66″
Hurlburt Field 5.76″
Parrish Point 7.73″
Niceville 5.68″
Valparaiso 7.53″
Destin 12.86″
Indian Trail (near Destin) 15.37″

Build your own estimated rain total maps here.

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