“What’s That Smell?” It’s Chevron Gas Released Due to Flooding

In the last 24 hours, News 5 has received many calls and messages pertaining to a distinct smell near Pascagoula and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Now Chevron has confirmed that the smell is “gasoline odors.”

In a statement sent to News 5 on Tuesday, Chevron said that a storage tank roof on the Chevron Gas Refinery in Pascagoula flooded, releasing the smell outdoors.

No one was injured and there is no danger to the community, they said.

“We continue to monitor the area and continue to coordinate our efforts with applicable agencies,” read the statement.

Refinery crews are covering the exposed product with fire retardant foam, reducing the further release of odors. The tank should be safely emptied by Wednesday morning.

Depending on wind direction, nearby residents may continue to detect the odor for another day or two.

Air monitoring throughout the surrounding area will continue until the tank is safely emptied. The Pascagoula Refinery continues to operate.

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