School Bus Driver Charged with DUI Identified

71-year-old Patrick James Glossop from Gulf Shores.
71-year-old Patrick James Glossop from Gulf Shores.

The school bus driver arrested in Orange Beach for Driving Under the Influence with children aboard the vehicle has been identified.

71-year-old Patrick James Glossop from Gulf Shores was charged with DUI on Monday.

Glossop had called a security guard to inform him that he had hit a street sign at the entrance to Ono Island.

Ono street sign

Orange Beach Police were called to investigate the accident.  “Our officers went on the bus. The subject was still seated in the seat, the ignition ws still on in the bus and we began a conversation,” says Orange Beach Police Lt. Clif Roberts.  “We asked for his driver’s license and so forth and at that time the officer smelled alcohol coming off of Mr. Glossop’s person.”

Glossop was arrested for Driving Under the Influence.

Four children were on the bus at the time of the crash.

The parents of those students were called, and the students were picked up by them from where the incident occurred.FullSizeRender222

School spokesperson, Terry Wilhite, released a statement tonight regarding the arrest. He says, “the safety of our students is our top priority and we take these matters extremely seriously.”

School buses are back on the road including the bus Glossop was driving. A couple of scratches and a broken mirror are the only damage. Glossop is out on bond and out of job, he resigned Tuesday afternoon for a crime that even police find hard to believe.

“It’s just unthinkable,” says Lt. Roberts, “we charge these people to take care of our children every day and if someone is under the influence of alcohol they cannot provide for your child your trusting him with so yes, this is a bad crime.”

Investigators are pursuing additional charges.  A Baldwin County Grand Jury will hear the case.

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