MPCSS Muslim Holiday Letter Sent by Mistake

WKRG received several phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages from our viewers outraged over a memo sent from the Mobile County Public School system regarding Muslim holidays.

It states:

“Thursday, September 24, 2015 and Friday, September 25, 2015 are holy days for our Muslim students. Students who are absent in observance of this holiday should be coded with an excused absence and should be allowed to make up missed work. Please share this information with your registrars.”

Superintendent Martha Peek said an employee sent the memo to principals by mistake before checking the attendance policy.

“The email that went out to principals did not follow our policies, so we said, ‘wait a minute!’ We don’t have any holidays except those that are listed on our calendar, and we don’t excuse any except those abscences that fit the guidline from the state of Alabama,” Peek said.

Peek added that they tried to correct the mistake as quickly as possible by posting the correct policy on their Facebook page.

Even though Peek said there was no ill-intent, parents are still voicing their outrage on social media.

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