Middle School Teacher to Go Before Grand Jury for Obscene Selfie

Andrea Slade

An eighth grade science teacher at Hankins Middle School, accused of sending an obscene selfie to a teenager, stood before a judge Tuesday morning for a preliminary hearing to determine if there was enough evidence to send the case to a Grand Jury. After hearing both sides, the judge determined to move forward with the case.

Andrea Slade sat in the back of the courtroom with her husband, hidden out of sight from any news cameras until it was her time to step up to the front of the room.  

Assistant District Attorney Nicki Patterson examined a detective who was working the case. The detective said she interviewed several students and determined that the picture was sent through Snapchat to a 15 year old boy two weeks after he graduated from Hankins Middle School, where he was a student in Slade’s class.

The detective said the teen and Slade were talking about the “50 Shades of Gray” movie when the teen asked if she was “freaky.” The Detective said Slade responded by sending a Snapchat exposing her breasts with a caption that read, “u happy?”

The photo went viral on social media so the defense attorney argued it is impossible to prove the photo was sent directly to the teenager. He said the detective failed to mention the teenager denied receiving the photo in their first interview with him. He said the student also told detectives Slade did not do anything inappropriate to him.

Patterson said copies of the photo they have were obtained through other students when the photo went viral, but the teen’s cellphone and Slade’s cellphone are both in a forensics lab to determine if experts can extract the material.

“This photograph went viral essentially on the internet. By the time the particular student it was sent to was interviewed, he had already deleted it.  Now the cell phone is in the possession of the forensic experts, and they should be able to pull it back up,” Patterson said.

Slade’s attorney refused to talk and he rushed Slade quickly onto an elevator as soon as the hearing was completed.

Slade is currently on administrative leave. If she is convicted, she will lose her teaching license and be required to register as a sex offender.

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