Hastie Moves from License to Revenue Commissioner

Today was the last day at the office for “The 10 Minute Tag Lady.”

Kim Hastie steps down as Mobile County License Commissioner on Thursday and becomes the County’s Revenue Commissioner.

“It’s not even the same place as it was before you took over,” Chris Turner of Mobile told Hastie Tuesday as she met customers in the License Commission Office lobby. “You’ve done a great job,” Turner said as he gave Hastie a hug.

It’s not often elected officials get such praise from the public.

“We’re very proud of what we’ve been able to do,” said Hastie

Hastie took office in 2009 on the promise of “10 minute tags.”

“I really said the 10 minute tag tongue-in-cheek but soon quickly found out that when people came in they were looking at their watch,” said Hastie . “So we worked really hard and we’re very proud of that.”

Hastie says now 85 to 91 percent of customers get their tags in 10 minutes.

The office is a busy place handling 450,000 tag renewals and other title transactions, as well as 83,000 driver’s license renewals every year.

NicK Matranga has been appointed by Governor Bentley to serve out Hastie’s term as License Commissioner. Tuesday Hastie introduced Matranga to the staff and gave him a tour of the office.

The retired Marine colonel and airline pilot says he’ll try to build on what’s already happened at the License Commission office

“We fully intend to keep that going and any improvement we can do,’ he said. “If we can get it down to nine minute tags, you betcha! The public deserves that.”

If  Matranga has any questions, Hastie will be right next door.

On Thursday she steps down as License Commissioner and becomes Mobile County Revenue Commissioner. She was elected to that job last November, but had to wait until the next fiscal year to assume the position. The County’s 2016 fiscal year begins October 1st.

“I am looking forward to moving next door to a new challenge,” said Hastie.

Hastie will replace Marilyn Wood who has been Revenue Commissioner since 2001.

Meantime,  Matranga says he plans to keep “this good, well-oiled machine going” at the License Commission.

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