$1.5 Million For Strickland Upgrades

The Strickland youth center isn’t a fun place to be if you’re young and locked up. It’s even less fun if you’re in a wheel chair–and now these improvements are designed to bring this old building into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Near the front door there are no handicap parking spots–nothing but stairs at the main entrance–and the front door is a little too narrow for a wheelchair.

“This should have been done in 1995, one of those things we have to do and need to do,” said Mobile County Commissioner Jerry Carl. Changes include at least 30 projects–most involve adding wheelchair accessible bathrooms to every building. They also have to make the parking lot and entrances handicapped accessible. Until last year no one forced the county to bring Strickland up to code.

“I understand there was a lady who couldn’t get access to inside the facility due to wheelchair confined that’s what actually started this being brought back up again,” said Commissioner Carl.
Carl says bidding is underway and they’ll be able to afford the cost.

“We have some in our capital improvements fund that’s already going to be used for that, some carry-over money as well; this is something we need to get done. Judge Naman does good work over there the improvements need to be done,” said Carl.

The first phase has to be done by June of next year—all should be finished by October of 2016.

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