Military Planes In Mobile?

HOAR101- Aerial Photos of the Assembly Line Mobile Airbus FAL at Brookley

Work has started on commercial planes in Mobile. Is it also the start of Airbus trying to get a military contract? Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions says it’s possible.

“I think it would be harder to criticize manufacturing if it’s done in Alabama and we have an already existing plant and could help them in the future win contracts,” said Sessions. This final assembly line was born out of the decade plus long fight over the tanker project–during that fight airbus was criticized for being a foreign manufacturer over the American based Boeing. The new plant changes the dynamic but –where would they put military construction? On this spot at Brookley, Airbus has room to grow but not a lot of room. From the air it seems they have just enough room for commercial expansion next to their current footprint–CEO Allan McArtor says they’re ready for anything.

“Whether it’s a military project or some other project we’ll come here and until we’ve fully exhausted the capability we’re not going to look for another home,” said McArtor.

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