Another Victim In Peeping Tom Case

san miguel pic

Patrick Herron was arrested and charged with criminal surveillance earlier this month and he found himself in jail on the same charge just yesterday.

Two weeks ago, 27-year-old Patrick Herron was in metro jail. Robyn Glass told News 5 he was taking pictures of her daughter and a friend in the ladies room. Police, have those pictures and another victim has come forward.

“As a result of victims coming in and identifying themselves on the tape, we were able to make an additional arrest for criminal surveillance. We actually called him up, told him there was an additional victim came forth with an additional charge and he actually turned himself in,” says Officer Terence Perkins with Mobile PD.

An act that pleased the wait staff at San Miguel.

“It make me feel good because it’s showing that they have a conscience about it, and him showing responsibility for what he did and turning himself in,” says Sara Jackson.

Still, the incident has many women in the area on edge still. After all…

::Nat pop stall door closing::

There is some level of privacy that’s expected when you walk into a restroom.

“A person that does something like that has proven that he’s sick. Besides the punishment, besides the time that he’s going to spend in jail, I think somebody like that should be forced to take some professional help, to get better,” says San Miguel Manager David Martinez.

We went to Herron’s apartment, but no one came to the door. Folks hoping the incident won’t be repeated.

“They are totally outraged that this guy would do something like this,” says Perkins.

Police say there are more women in those photos they have. They urge any woman who may have been at San Miguel’s between 11am and 1pm two weeks ago to look at the photos. So far, there have been five victims.

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