Proposed Bill Could Impact All Alabama Sheriff’s Offices

Baldwin County Sheriff's Office
A deputy in Baldwin County patrols a county road near Robertsdale.

BAY MINETTE, AL- State troopers are currently responsible for investigating accidents on all roads outside city jurisdictions.

But the state’s budget problem could impact all of Alabama’s 67 sheriff’s departments.

A lawmaker is proposing legislation allowing state troopers to only be responsible for enforcing traffic laws and responding to accidents on state and federal highways.

Under Senate Bill 15, wrecks that happen on county roads would be the responsibility of the local sheriff and his deputies.

Baldwin County Sheriff Hoss Mack says it would cost his department an additional one million dollars a year in new payroll, equipment, vehicles and training and if his deputies are required to investigate accidents.

SB 15 is currently in committee. The bill was introduced in the special session late Tuesday by District 3 Senator Arthur Orr of Decatur.



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