Mystery Surrounds Dauphin Island Fires

It’s been four days since two fires broke out on separate ends of Dauphin Island, but people are still talking about their mysterious circumstances.

Monday the cases were turned over to the Alabama State Fire Marshall’s office to investigate. A spokesman for the office told us investigators are still in the area, talking with witnesses and collecting evidence. At this point they say it’s too early to determine the cause.

We were able to confirm the identity of the man who died from a heart attack after escaping his burning home. He’s 43 year old John Robert Sealy. Neighbors we talked with said they rarely saw him. One resident told us she had not seen him for months until the night of the fire, and thought both fires were suspicious.

Dauphin Island Mayor Jeff Collier told us he’s been flooded with inquiries. “You’re going to have rumors folks are going to speculate, try to connect things that may or may not be connected and I just think that we need to keep our feet on the ground here and wait for officials to do their work,” said Mayor Collier.

The investigation could take months, and there’s a chance the case goes undetermined. We will check back and keep this story updated.

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