Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday

Mississippi’s Second Amendment sales tax holiday weekend is coming up. All day on Friday and Saturday, shoppers in Mississippi can get a break on guns, ammunition and archery equipment. These items will be tax-free.

List of eligible (E) and non-eligible (N) items from the Mississippi Department of Revenue



• Ammo boxes (N)
• Ammunition reloading supplies and tools (N)
• Bullets (E)
• Gunpowder loaded into the muzzle of a firearm (E)
• Shotgun Shells(E)
Archery and Firearm Equipment & Accessories
• Armguards (E)
• Arrows (E)
• Arrow Rests (E)
• Belts designed for hunting (E)
• Bows and Bow Accessories (E)
• Bow Parts (E)
• Bow Sights (E)
• Bow String and String Accessories (E)
• Bow Fishing Accessories (E)
• Choke Tubes (E)
• Cleaning and Refinishing Products (E)
• Crossbows (E)
• Equipment or parts specifically used for repairing archery or firearm equipment (E)
• Firearm Parts (E)
• Hearing Aids (N)
• Hearing Protection (E)
• Holsters (E)
• Quivers (E)
• Releases (E)
• Safety equipment that is mounted or affixed to a firearm or bow (E)
• Scopes and mounts that are affixed to a firearm or bow (E)
• Shafts (E)
• Shooting bags and pouches (E)
• Shooting Rest (E)
• Shooting tripod, bipod or monopod (E)
• Sights (E)
• Slings designed for hunting (E)
• String Wax (E)
• Targets (E)
• Trap or Target Throwers (E)
• BB Guns (N)
• Paintball Guns (N)
• Pistols (E)
• Revolvers (E)
• Rifles (E)
• Shotguns (E)
• Toy Guns (N)
Firearm and Archery Cases
• All purpose cases or bags (N)
• Hard Cases designed specifically for firearms and archery equipment (E)
• Soft Cases designed specifically for firearms and archery equipment (E)
General Hunting Supplies
• Apparel such as safety gear, camouflage clothing, jackets, hats, gloves and thermal underwear (N)
• Animal Feed (N)
• Animals used for hunting (N)
• ATVs (N)
• Backpacks (N)
• Binoculars (N)
• Blinds (N)
• Boats and Boating Equipment (N)
• Boots (N)
• Cameras (N)
• Camera tripod (N)
• Chairs and Seating (N)
• Decoys (N)
• Fishing Equipment (Bait, Tackle, etc.) (N)
• Game/Food Processing Equipment (N)
• Game Calls (N)
• Gun Cabinets (N)
• Gun Racks (N)
• Gun Safes (N)
• Hunting Clothing (N)
• Knives (N)
• Nets (N)
• Rain Gear (N)
• Scent Elimination (N)
• Scents and Attractants (N)
• Shoes (N)
• Sunglasses (N)
• Taxidermy Supplies and Accessories (N)
• Tree stands (N)
• Trucks (N)
• Vests (N)
Key for Items:
(E) = Eligible & Non-Taxable
(N) = Non-Eligible & Taxable

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