Former WKRG Hosts Remember “The Good ‘Ole Days”

Over the next several weeks, we are celebrating 60 years of broadcasting here at WKRG. No doubt, there have been many memorable people who have hosted shows here on WKRG, long before we had regular newscasts. Two of those women are Rosie Seaman and Skeeter Diehl. They hosted shows between the 50s and 80s.

Many people remember Rosie Seaman for her show, “Rosie’s Place.”rosie forweb She wrote, produced, and hosted it. It was an educational program for children that won several national awards. It started in the 70s, and aired in re-runs in the 80s. Rosie says, “It was a rare position to be in. I am honored to touch so many people’s lives. That’s really how I felt.” Rosie also produced a show called, “Small Fry News.” Local children presented the news during this show.

In the 1950s, Skeeter Diehl hosted a show, called “Romper Room.”SKEEPTER PIC FOR WEB STORYIt was an educational program, pre-Sesame Street. It was a live broadcast with local children. She says, “It was children…live every day! No matter how you looked or felt, those cameras rolled no matter what.” Diehl also hosted a show called Woman’s World.

Seaman and Diehl certainly positively impacted many women and children in our community. They were two of the first female broadcasters on WKRG, and no doubt they paved the way for other women here at WKRG.

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