DCNR: Cuts Could Close Parks, Affect Hunting Seasons

It’s a full court press from state departments urging the legislature to pass the governor’s proposed tax hikes. Without them they say they’re facing dire consequences for their agencies.

Last week the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency held a press conference, and this week officials with the department of correction have been hosting tours of their aging prisons.

Tuesday it was the state department of Conservation and Natural Resources, holding a press conference at Five Rivers Delta.

They have four departments under their umbrella, including Wildlife and Fisheries and State Parks.

They want their budget untouched. They say changes could force them to lay off workers, close parks and even the cancellation of some hunting seasons.

“We’ve got to do something and it’s their jobs as legislators to do that and so they are going to have to take on that hard task they are going to have to be statesmen instead of politicians,” said Conservation Commissioner Gunter Guy.

The legislature has exactly one month left to pass a budget. Other proposals have included deep cuts Conservation as well as other departments.

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