Two Movies Filming In Mobile This Month

here comes rusty movie poster

Mobile is booming right now! With two feature films and a TV series being shot in town, pretty soon every inch of Mobile will end up on the screen. First up, we have the movie ‘Here Comes Rusty’. It stars Fred Willard.

Here Comes Rusty is about a dog track owner who makes the bet of his life to save his dying business. Rusty, by the way, is the name of the rabbit that the dogs chase on the track. He’s kind of their mascot.

There’s lots of music in the film, so naturally, one of their locations was Top of The Bay in Daphne.

“A band playing and the main character came up on the stage and tried to grab the guitar from one of the musicians and their bouncer brought him out and kicked him out! We had about 70 extras here that night,” says George Duffy with Top of The Bay.

Another scene takes place here, at Dreamland Skate Center in Theodore. Owner Mr. Mike said the filming was interesting.

“Very professional, the attention to detail was unreal. They filmed for about five hours and we might get two or three minutes in the movie. I used my homeschooled group as extras, we had about 100 kids skating,” says Mike at Dreamland Skate Center.

Brothers Daniel and Justin were extras in the film.

“It’s actually one of my aspirations in life is to potentially become an actor. The actors were right here and I was in ear shot so it was interesting to see how they interacted with each other,” says Daniel Presnall.

“It was a very interesting experience to actually be behind the scenes of a movie. Because they always have the specialty thing where you can watch making of the movie behind the scenes but there’s nothing quite like being right there,” says Justin Presnall.

Most of the filming is being done here at the Mobile Greyhound Park, however, there’s been a slight name change, in the movie, they’re calling it Magnolia Greyhound Park.

The second film being made is Holding Patterns. It stars Haley Joel Osment, you’ll remember him from The Sixth Sense. His co-star is Freddie Highmore who was in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Here are pictures from from when they filmed at Spanish Fort High School last week. Not much is known about the movie, but we do know it’s about three young adults in a love triangle.

And if you want to be an extra in the movie Here Comes Rusty, you can just show up Sunday night at the Mobile Greyhound Park at 5pm. They’ll be shooting a concert scene. Here Comes Rusty wraps up September 7th.

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