Coden Commemorates Katrina

10 Years after Hurricane Katrina, anyone who lived through it has a story to tell about it

“I found out that I had 6 feet of water no flood insurance so we had to go back to the food bank to stay another night returned, able to get in, everything destroyed,” said volunteer Emma O’Shea. Pictures from Emma O’Shea’s home show the damage of a decade ago–she says volunteering like she’s doing today helped her get back on her feet.

Caffie also has stories of loss like having to give up her mother’s bed one of the many things destroyed by flooding.

“You get memories and some you don’t want to get rid of because that was my mama’s bed,” said Caffie Foret. Many of the people I spoke with today say they’ve recovered and try to remember the good that came from the bad.

“I treasure because we had so many people from out of state to donate to help the people,” said Bayou La Batre Council Member Ida Mae Coleman. While the area’s come a long way, not everyone is whole.

“Like me, struggling month by month just to get by,” said Paul Sprinkle. He says he lives off disability.

“When the federal funds came in, the people from Coden not being a city, they were helped but not like the other areas,” said Connie Hamilton with South Bay Alliance. Today’s event was meant to bring a little joy on a sad anniversary and they pray something like Katrina never happens again.

“Just pray to God and He’ll help you when nobody else will,” said Foret.

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