Trump Helping Alabama Play Key Role in “SEC Primary”

The primaries are just 7 months away.  The Republican party has 17 presidential candidates. A win on Super Tuesday could help seal an early Republican nomination. 12 states total are participating, 7 of which are southern… And that is why campaigning in Alabama at this time, makes a lot of sense.

“I’d like to have the election tomorrow I don’t want to wait,” said Donald Trump during his pep rally Friday.

Trump’s high profile visit was welcomed by a key republican figure in Alabama, Senator Jeff Sessions. The two share tough stances on illegal immigration. Donald Trump reiterated his views on CBS’s Face the Nation program this morning.

“We’re building a great wall, cause I know how to build and it’s not going to cost as much as they’re saying, but this will be a wall with a very big, very beautiful door, because we want the legals to come back into the country and we also want people of talent to come into the country,” said Trump.

In the same interview he also mentioned how he would save the middle class, something that may deepen his identity with voters in the Yellowhammer state.

“The hedge fund guys are getting away with murder, they’re making a tremendous amount of money they have to pay taxes. I want to lower the rates for the middle class. The middle class is the one, they’re getting absolutely destroyed,” said Trump.

According to the latest News 5 Strategy Research poll 30 percent of registered voters who said they would vote in the Republican Primary, said they would vote for trump. That’s double the next candidate, Jeb Bush based out of Florida.

So, as Super Tuesday gets closer, it may just be a matter of time before more candidates make a stop.

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