Book Signing Highlight Of Rally For CA Woman

Mancini says she came to Mobile virtually on a whim to see Donald Trump. She goes back to the west coast with something to show for it.

Of all the moments from Friday’s trump rally, one that stands out is when a woman got her book signed in the middle of the Donald’s speech. We found out she probably travelled the farthest out of everyone to be there Friday night. Amanda Mancini shows off her now twice-signed copy of Donald Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal.” She’s from the Los Angeles area. Being the third person in line Friday morning she got a lot of face time with just about every media outlet out there. With book in hand at the rally, she got a little bit more. Trump saw her holding the book and pointed it out.
“Oh look the art of the deal, bring that here, I love that book,” said Trump during the rally. Trump called her forward to get the book signed, but held on to it for seven minutes before finally doing it and paying her a nice compliment in the process.

“I’m going to sign her book, I gotta get her the hell out of here, she’s so beautiful,” said Trump. Mancini says it was a cool moment.

“Oh my gosh, so flattered, I’ve had people say nice things, but when the Donald says that, yeah,” said Mancini. She says her husband convinced her to go to mobile on a whim. She worried she wouldn’t get to a Trump rally if he holds one in crowded California. Getting some kind words from the Donald was fun and it was her first experience with southern hospitality.

“I have never been to Alabama from the time I stepped off the plane, my cab driver, hotel, everyone has been great and everyone has been so so nice,” said Mancini.

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