Around The Web: Julio Jones In INSANE Video Game Ad

Here's a screen grab from the Madden 16 trailer. Julio Jones as "Trick Montalban"


This is a crazy trailer.  What makes it even crazier is the fact that it’s the trailer for Madden 16.  It’s supposed to be a football video game.  Yet there is barely any game-play shown in a five minute trailer that’s shot in the style of an action movie parody.

One of the highlights is an appearance by Foley native Julio Jones.  The former Tide player and current Atlanta Falcon plays the part of “Trick Montalban.”  In one scene in repeatedly karate chops an enemy on the shoulder, to the point he looks at the camera as if to ask “is this enough.”  It’s an insane marketing strategy for one of the most recognizable titles in video game sports.  I recommend watching it even if you don’t like sports or video games.  You can check it out here.

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