Teacher’s Naughty Selfies Spread to Several Students

A Mobile County middle school teacher faces charges after she allegedly sent sexual selfies to one of her students, but several more middle schoolers were exposed to the graphic pictures before she was arrested.

Andrea Slade, an 8th grade science teacher at Hankins Middle School was booked into Metro Jail Friday afternoon.

Mobile Police said the pictures were brought to the attention of a school resource officer, but the incident happened over the summer.

Scarlet Powell, found out about the pictures when another student sent her son and daughter a screen shot of one of the images.

“It makes me angry. It really does. We try to teach our kids to turn to your teacher and turn to police officers; someone who’s an authoritative figure. This just goes to show that just because someone’s a teacher doesn’t mean they make good choices or are a good person,” Powell said.

She said that nearly every student at Hankins Middle School and neighboring Theodore High School was exposed to the images before any action was taken against the teacher.

“That’s unacceptable,” Powell said.

A bio on the school’s website states that Slade is happily married with two young children of her own.

Slade was placed on administrative leave from the school.

WKRG reached out to the Mobile County Public School system for comment, but no returned our call because they are closed on Saturdays.

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