Mixed Reactions from Crowd at Trump Rally

After Donald Trump waved goodbye to the crowd at Ladd Peebles Stadium before hopping on his private jet, people leaving the rally had mixed feelings about the candidate’s speech.

“I know he says what he means. I want to see if he means what he says,”Jack Lee said as he showed off three Donald Trump campaign buttons he bought earlier in the evening.

Some people were completely enthralled by the Republican front-runner when he left the stage.

“I thought it was incredible to see a guy like Donald Trump. His whole focus is for our nation,” Eric Petroni exclaimed.

“I couldn’t be more motivated to be an American, and I look forward to President Trump,” Edwin Glatfelter said before starting a “Trump” chant as he walked to his car.

Others hoped he would have touched on specifics for how he’d carry out his campaign promises.

“I feel like it was more of a show. He’s just kind of rambling on various random topics. It doesn’t seem like many questions are being answered,” Mark Clark said.
“I just want to hear plans on how he’s going to build businesses,” Jon Pence said.

Trump talked about immigration, keeping jobs in America, and criticism of the Iran Nuclear deal, but much of his speech contained jabs at Jeb Bush, national media coverage, and his money.

“He did put a few specifics out, but I don’t think the people cared about the specifics, they just want to win.They want a winner,” Pete Riehm laughed.

At the very least, nearly everyone who left said they were entertained.

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