Former Trump Attorney Lives In Baldwin County

Vince Kilborn former trump attorney

Attorney Vince Kilborn was originally hired when the state thought about legalizing gambling…given the task of scouting out locations for a potential Trump casino.

“Actually it was going to be right there where Austal is now. It’s the perfect location, you got I-10, you got everything there,” says Kilborn.

He saved the newspaper clipping announcing the hire in the then-Mobile Register in 1993. He was even flown to Trump’s Taj Mahal in New Jersey to learn the casino business.

“I was his first apprentice,” says Kilborn.

Ultimately Alabama did not legalize gambling, but Vince Kilborn learned a lot about the Donald.

“There’s two Donald Trumps. There’s the on-camera Donald Trump, then there’s the businessman Donald Trump who is very understated and serious. And it’s almost like night and day.”

Hard to believe if you saw his rally Friday night.

I asked him why he thinks Trump does so well with southern voters in particular.

“We like to view ourselves as not politically correct, we also like to view ourselves as philosophically grounded in the right direction and we like people who speak their mind and he does.”

Kilborn says Trump is a mainstream candidate who wants to protect minorities—which is why Trump is fighting illegal immigration.

“That’s why he’s got so much support among the Latino vote because they’ve been through all the hoops.”

He says Trump has that magic quality called charm.

“He’s very charismatic and by that I mean he will pay attention to you and you will think you are the only person in the room. That’s important, to make people think they’re important.”

Ultimately, he believes it’s Trump’s leadership that will get him elected and his ability to get things done.

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