Dwindling Hurricane Danny A Good Reminder Storm Season Isn’t Over

Right now Danny is a far away storm system with no big aspirations. The name Danny still holds scary memories for Mobile. In 1997 the storm lingered in mobile causing damage and dropping a lot of rain.

“Danny sat pretty much in Mobile bay for a while and dumped copious amounts of rain like you said that’s the one hallmark people will always associate with the name Danny,” said National Weather Service Science and Operations Officer Doug Butts. During last year’s historic floods it was the most commonly cited storm when talking to flood victims.

While the name’s familiar this storm is far different than the Danny of ‘97–with it on track to lose a lot of steam soon. Still forecasters at the national weather center say this Danny can put hurricane prep back on everyone’s radar.

“If nothing else it serves as a reminder and heightens our awareness and serves as a reminder we should be prepared in case a storm moves into the gulf and affects our area,” said Butts. My morning show colleague Melissa Constanzer is also watching the storm

“Relax and keep an eye on things, we’ll be watching them right now nothing to do at this point,” said Constanzer. While this Danny deteriorates–1997’s Danny is the one by which all other big rain storms are measured by.

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