Judge Sentences Heather Keaton to Death Sentence by Lethal Injection

The sentencing hearing wrapped up an emotional case for the family members of the two young victims.

“Two little angels that’s how we want them remembered,” said Corrine DeBlase, the victim’s mother.

“Just remember their sweet personality and their loving nature,” said Rose Heathcock, Victims’ Great Aunt.

Prosecutors say Natalie and Chase DeBlase had their lives cut short because they were murdered by their parents. And today, Judge Roderick Stout ruled that Heather Keaton will join her common law husband on death row.

“She’s a horrific person. Who could do these unimaginable things to children. I mean duct tape, broomsticks, locked in suitcases and in closets, in the dark all alone, tortured, starved, dehydrated,” said Ashley Rich, Mobile County District Attorney.

Earlier this year a jury found Heather Keaton guilty of capital murder and manslaughter in the deaths of the two children.

“It was as horrific act and they deserve the death penalty,” added Rich.

Judge Stout went over 25 pages of facts before he read his decision. The details described how Keaton had tortured and killed the two kids over several months. It also mentioned Keaton poisoned the kids with anti-freeze, to the point where in her words, they threw up “black stuff.” Keaton and DeBlase later dumped their bodies after they died near Vancleave Mississippi, and Citronelle, Alabama.

At a point it was too much for Corrine DeBlase, the children’s birth mother left the room crying. She came back as the judge read his sentence. Keaton sat still through the hearing, talking with her lawyer only a couple of times.

“There is no winner in this, there is no winner at all my brother and his wife lost their their grandchildren, their son, she lost her life, she won’t be able to raise her child there are no winners,” said Heathcock.

With the sentence, Keaton becomes the first woman from Mobile County sent to death row.


Heather Keaton has been sentenced to death by lethal injection on the capital murder conviction for killing her two step-children.

The judge agreed with the jury’s recommendation around 2:45 on Thursday.

Keaton is the woman accused of using anti-freeze to poison the two young children of her husband John DeBlase in favor of their unborn child.

Keaton will become only the fourth woman on Alabama’s death row.  She would also be the first woman in Mobile County ever sentenced to death.
In state history only four women have ever been executed in Alabama.  The last woman to be executed was Lynda Block in 2002.    Block was the last person killed by the electric chair in Alabama.

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